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Microsoft Exchange & Office365 data can now be moved to India Datacenters

Do you have data residency requirements and would like to have your core data moved to the India datacenter region? Now, you have an option to request a move before October 31, 2016. Microsoft recommends that you take no action, unless your organization needs core…

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Foetron has helped 350+ businesses to Transform with Cloud.

Dear Reader, With this blog, we wanted to convey our story and what are we up to. Foetron started its journey in 2011 with a mission of being Cloud and Mobile Centre for Excellence. Now, we are a group of 26 people with an average…

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Enhance voice quality during Audio Video Communication with Jabra devices

Are you using Microsoft Audio-Video Communication or any other unified communication system and not happy with the quality of voice/sound or jitters during communication? Actually, you need optimisation both at the network and the headset level. For e.g. Jabra products are certified for audio/video conferencing…

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Safeguard your data with Microsoft BitLocker

Is your data safe in your laptop or desktop? As you know there have been cases where someone in the company has stolen the data and caused damages both financial or to the brand. Do you not want to safeguard yourself against it? BitLocker from…

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GigJam Invitation Preview: A new way to work

A new product coming to Office 365 later this year that helps break down barriers between devices, apps and people. What is GigJam? It’s hard to take what you’re working on and share just a portion of it momentarily with someone else. This means you…

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