Work while you enjoy – Enjoy while you work

“Dimag tez karo, Badam khao”,
This is a typical saying which is commonly heard in a manufacturing and corporate ecosystem when your boss gets impatient over any missing links, information or requested documents.

So, here is a solution for solving all your workplace troubles, the Office 365. It is a fabulously well-integrated solution by Microsoft to manage your day-to-day operations while keeping you and your team up-to-date. This helps you to keep yourself satisfied & stress-free at the end of the day.

Each tool is very unique in itself whereas all the tools are interconnected. You do some task management in “Planner”, add relevant information from your “OneNote” and add files from your “OneDrive for Business”. The best part is that you get the reflection of common items when you open each of these tools. Similarly, you can also get “Outlook Mails”, “Calendar” & “Sway” links interconnected.

“Planner” will not let you miss out any activity by you and your team as it appears in the dashboard in visually attractive as well as useful manner. It is very transparent for each member thereby facilitating easy management of tracking of tasks and individual contributions.

“OneNote” lets you store your important “key points”, “mails”, “items from Print media or web” and “Digital Visiting Cards” along with image-to-text conversion features.

You can securely store all your important documents in “OneDrive for Business” without any fear of security breach and system breakdown while sharing it securely with your peer-group or team members as per work requirements.

As you know that if you can present a document within 5 minutes, you will never get a non-compliance in ISO audit, however, it is a challenge at times. Nonetheless, even if you miss a systematic storing of the documents, “Delve” helps you in finding the relevant document with far greater ease in much lesser time.

With the help of “Sway”, the required time and effort is much less for creating an attractive presentation which makes “Sway” a great tool for Managers.

Meetings with “Skype for Business” gives you the luxury of remotely working with all Conference Room Meetings. The “Skype for Business” meeting infrastructure for example, “white board”, “co-authoring of a document”, “taking notes”, “sharing notes”, “video recording” and more.

“Office Online” brings the power of Word, Excel, Powerpoint while remaining on-the-go. It means that you get the freedom to work from anywhere.

“Yammer” enhances the bonding amongst management and employees by working as the social networking for your organization while causing any security breaches.

To sum up Office 365 works on the principle of “Work while you enjoy; Enjoy while you work”

– Kallol Roy (Cloud Evangelist)

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