Work Analytics for the Enterprise

You know it when you find yourself sending emails during meetings just to stay afloat. But what if you could look at how you spend time at work, identify those low-priority meetings and activities, and free up your calendar for more productive tasks?
After all, we all have our own individual ways of working—so why don’t we have individual work analytics?

Where Does the Time Go?

First things first, to understand individual productivity it helps to look at how the organization functions as a whole, According to a report by McKinsey Global Institute, this is what the average workweek looks like:

Time Spent, by Task

  • 39%   –  Role- specific tasks
  • 28%   –  Reading and answering emails
  • 19%   –   Searching for and gathering information
  • 14%   –   Communicating and collaborating internally
The Cost of Lost Time

With so much time spent in meetings and sending emails, you might wonder how much work gets done. A 2015 survey by Harris Poll, sponsored by CareerBuilder, reveals the causes and effects of ruined productivity.

Top Workplace-Related Productivity Killers

  • 31% – Email
  • 27% – Coworkers dropping by
  • 26% – Meeting

Consequences of Distraction

  • 45%  – Compromised work quality
  • 42%  – Missed Deadlines
  • 21%  –  Loss in Revenue
Be More Effective With Delve Analytics

Get your time back

  • Gain insights into how you spend your time at work.
  • Identify low-value meetings, and free up hours on your calendar.
  • Ensure that activities align with your top priorities.

Manage your time effectively

  • Understand your top connections, recent interactions, and collaboration patterns.
  • Monitor metrics to ensure you’re on track with your goals.
  • Identify contacts with whom you may want to re-engage.


  • Set goals for time allocations, email reach, and meeting quality.
  • Understand your meeting effectiveness and take action to improve impact.
  • Monitor benchmark data to compare against peers.

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