What is a Skype Meeting Broadcast?

Skype Meeting Broadcast is a new component of Skype for Business. As part of Office 365 and Skype for Business Online, Skype Meeting Broadcast lets you produce, host, and broadcast meetings to large online audiences.

How Skype Meeting Broadcast works

You can schedule a Skype Meeting Broadcast for up to 10,000 attendees. You use the Skype Meeting Broadcast scheduling and management portal to schedule a meeting.
You use the familiar meeting experience within Skype for Business to produce a professional, engaging event for their audience. And, attendees can join from anywhere on any device, and engage in the meeting.

Skype Meeting Broadcast roles

There are several roles required for producing a Skype Meeting Broadcast. These include:

  • Organizer.    Creates the meeting request and invites attendees. Reviews meeting reports.
  • Producer.    Manages the meeting sources (live presentations, dial-in presentations, audio, video, and PowerPoint decks), records the event, and posts the recording to Office 365 Video.
  • Event team member.    Participates in the meeting by presenting live or dialing in from a remote location.
  • Attendee.    Watches the event online.

Source: Microsoft

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