Sway integration in Microsoft Photos and supports Living Images. Isn’t it great!

Sway, the new digital storytelling app from Office, has been integrated with the Microsoft Photos app. With this update, it’s easier and faster than ever to use the photos and videos on your Windows device to create and share polished, interactive stories of your adventures with family and friends.

Create a Sway in one click from a Microsoft Photos album

Sway and Microsoft Photos teams have worked together so you can send an album to Sway with a single tap or click. There are few simple steps that you need to follow:

  • In updated version of Microsoft Photos, when you navigate to a particular album, you’ll see the Tell your story with Sway button at the bottom.
  • Tapping or clicking the button sends all of the images and videos in the album to Sway.
  • You’re done. Your interactive Sway is ready with the collection of images and videos sent from Microsoft Photos.

Transform your images into interactive photo stacks, comparisons, slideshows and more with just a few taps or clicks. Add a variety of other interactive multimedia, such as maps, tweets, Vines, charts and more. Now you have something engaging and dynamic to enhance the experience for your friends and family as they share your memories. Turn your Microsoft Photos album into a professionally designed story in minutes with one-click Sway integration.

Sway now supports Living Images

Sway also now supports Living Images from your Windows 10 device as a content type you can add to your creations. Living Images add motion and feel alive by capturing a bit of additional footage just before they are snapped. Including Living Images in a Sway can breathe additional life into your narrative. Living Images also pair nicely with other interactive multimedia you can include in Sway to enhance your story and make it more engaging for your audience. Adding Living Images from your OneDrive or your Windows 10 device is easy—just drag and drop or upload right from the Insert tab. You can now bring Living Images from your Microsoft Photos albums into all Sways you create with this new Tell your story with Sway integration.

Source: Microsoft