Sterling Motors and Mahindra is now active on our Mobile Platform

When have we left our homes without our very precious mobile phones? Never, right? Mobile today isn’t just a luxury. It is a necessity and a style of living. With a 40.4% mobile internet penetration in the world, chances are that every information is on the go. Chances are that every information about your business is on the go. Then why isn’t your business website on the go? Businesses today are finding ways to grow digitally and to make a mark in the Mobile Marketing forte.
Isn’t it a reason valid enough to get your growing and flourishing business active on Mobile as well? Growing digitally today is one of the main things worrying many businesses today.
Sterling Mahindra, one of the biggest groups in automobile dealerships in India was facing the same problem. The step they took to solve a part of this problem is to use Mobile, the only device which is 24×7 on!
They are now gaining relevant leads organically and this has contributed largely to their digital growth as well.

What are you waiting for? Get your business on Foetron’s Mobile Platform now and leverage Mobile intelligently!

Here are some of our clients. When are you joining the board?