Staying connected with your network on an iPhone or iPad

Stay connected with your network using the Yammer mobile app.

Set up and use the Yammer mobile app

Set up the Yammer mobile app to work with your Office 365work or school account

  1. If you don’t have Yammer installed, download it from the App Store
  2. Type your Office 365work or school account. Tap Log in. Sign in page

Use Yammer to stay connected with your network

  • Edit your profile To add or update your profile, tap More > My Profile > Edit.
  • Follow a conversation Tap More > Follow. Type the name of the contact you’re searching for.
  • View groups you’re following Tap Groups and select one to view new posts.
  • Screenshot of groups in Yammer mobile app

Tap Edit to add a new post, and then tap Send.

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