New app feature in Gurgaon Police app- Traffic Penalties

Gurgaon Police recently added a new feature in its mobile app called “Traffic Penalties”. The main aim of this feature is to help people calculate traffic penalty and not being charged extra by the cops. This comes as a responsive act by the Gurgaon Police after they received several complaints by the citizens on being charged extra for traffic offenses.

Developed by Foetron Inc., this feature allows users to search traffic offence categories and penalties associated with them under the relevant sections of the Motor Vehicles Act, 1988.

According to Alok Mittal, Police Commissioner, “We received several complaints from people alleging that they were overcharged.”

The Gurgaon Police application can be downloaded on any smartphone. It includes all the helpline numbers, email addresses and updates of the relevant police officers. You can download this app through the give links:


Source : Foetron Inc.