Microsoft is here to change your business forever. And I am glad the Mobile Apps are live now!

As a business, we are working with more than 350+ SMBs and empowering them with Microsoft Cloud. I always felt there is a lot more to do. The so called big tools are not really getting leveraged to the extend they should. In turn, these companies are not able to realize there true potential.

The worst part is that we do invest heavily on our mobile devices as an organisation and there there’s not really much that is coming out of it.

There is no doubt on the fact that SMBs lack processes but they are fast improving on it. They do have signs of protocols and processes in teams, departments. The long coveted knowledge of making processes first and then getting stuff done is being overpowered by the sheer exuberance of SMBs. Not to undermine the fact that the technology solutions can only improve upon the offline processes to bring efficiency.

The 3 key things missing in SMBs are

  1. Seamless flow of information
  2. Delays in taking action
  3. And tracking actions itself.

I believe none of these can be truly achieved without the solid integration on mobile devices. It has to be mobile first.

For the first time, I am really excited and happy for the new apps launched by Microsoft on Android. This is something all of my customers had been searching for. Obviously, as my brain and heart would want more for the customers but whatever we have as of now is nothing short of a distant ‘wish list’ we always had.

I would really suggest to try on the three apps on your android devices [in this order :)]


  1. Kaizala
  2. Springtly
  3. Connections


kaizala Download Kaizala App Now
sprightly Download Sprightlty App Now
connections Download Connections App Now

Let me know your take on this apps and your recommendations.

You can also refer the details analysis on LinkedIn Pulse.

Sunny Sharma
Cloud Evangelist