Foetron powers Gurgaon Police Apps on mobile

Foetron Inc. has launched smartphone applications across major platforms – Android, iOS and Windows Phone, for the public that will make connecting with Gurgaon Police extremely easy. As part of Foetron’s corporate and social responsibility (CSR), the aim is to create a platform that bridges the distance between the residents of Gurgaon and Gurgaon police. Through the launch of these applications, Gurgaon Police envisions to achieve the quickest public outreach and connectivity options that will be always present on the user’s mobile device, particularly in times of distress.

This application aims to address a lot of issues. Today, the resident remembers emergency contact numbers of the central police department (such as 100, 1091, 1098) but these are to be used only times of distress. In case of issues when the need arises to connect with the local police representatives, the process for finding numbers or email IDs is very time consuming. Through the Gurgaon Police application, the residents are brought closer to the police representatives of their region and district and all contact details are provided. At any time, residents can reach out to the local police representative on email or through a direct telephone line.

Moreover, residents can report traffic jams and can share their valuable feedback with Gurgaon police at any time. All residents should know their rights and the special cells and helplines that have been setup for their welfare. Sunny Sharma, the founder and CEO at Foetron says, “In a city like Gurgaon where a very vast majority carries a smartphone, having the utility of an app like Gurgaon Police can go a long way. I sincerely hope that the need for such an app is restricted and people stay safe but when Gurgaon Police has provided facilities like special helplines and complaint cells, people must know about them.” Gurgaon Police has special helpline numbers for Children, Women, Senior Citizens as well as a dedicated traffic helpline to ensure those complains are received separately. Making a complain to the relevant department and ensures the emergency helpline isn’t cluttered by complaints that don’t qualify as an emergency. Through increased popularity the citizens of the Millennium City should use technology in a manner that benefits them and makes them aware of the work Gurgaon Police is doing for their welfare.

This application is designed very simply and a lot of the features do not even need internet access. For more detailed features, like sending a direct email to the Commissioner of Police or the Deputy Commissioners of Police for traffic or a particular district a normal 2G internet connection will be enough. Pranay Mehrotra, Product Marketing Manager at Foetron adds, “Our focus was on delivering a simple solution that takes up minimal space on the user’s mobile phone and at the same time adds a significant amount of utility. Even if a user carries a smartphone but is not very tech-savvy, he will adapt to the Gurgaon Police app very quickly.” We hope the hard work put in by the team at Foetron finds use in the lives of the resident and helps save a lot and effort on part of the residents and representatives of Gurgaon Police.

Download it using the links given below to the appstore for your mobile phone.


Source : Foetron Inc.