Cloud Solutions Provider (CSP) – Microsoft SLA

Our Recommendation

As a CSP Partner, you are the first point of contact for your customers, and you are expected to provide technical and account support services such as the following to your customers:

  • Billing and subscription support
  • Provisioning/deployment help, and software configuration
  • Resolving performance issues, service availability issues, client connectivity problems, and client desktop problems due to missing or misconfigured settings, incomplete software integration, permissions problems, or other deployment issues.
  • Managing updates for services and software
  • Answers to usage questions


However, there are several categories of issues that you will need to hand off to Microsoft to fix. To get help from Microsoft, submit a support request in Partner Center for the ff:

  • Undocumented problems with services that aren’t operating according to service descriptions.
  • Unavailable services
  • Bugs and other irregularities that affect service appearance or operation
  • Large scale network disruptions
  • Regional issues with multi-tenant impact


For any Billing disputes and Technical issues, you can escalate issues to Microsoft through the Partner Support channel on the customer’s behalf if you need our assistance.

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