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[Foetron Archive] Microsoft Pricing Updates effective from 2017.

The world is changing, and India is growing at a faster speed to match global standards. Therefore, Microsoft is bringing some change for you in its pricing. As Microsoft periodically assesses the impact of its local pricing of products & services to ensure there is…

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New Powerful Marketing & Story-telling Tool – Sway!

  Sway is a powerful story-telling tool from Microsoft Office 365 suite. It is the must have tool for modern day digital marketing team. In fact, we at Foetron are using Sway internally and that is when we realised the power of this cool, new,…

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One simple & smart tool by Microsoft – Planner!

You must be knowing know that those businesses which plan well, track their tasks well, team collaboration goes well and do all this in as minimum time as possible, grow fastest. Now, Microsoft offers this power to you to grow your business fastest with Office 365’s…

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5 Benefits of Well-Connected Workplace

  With festive season round the corner, suddenly, your social life must have become far more active. The shopping mania, the happy moments with friends and family must be rejuvenating you to work towards greater growth, is it not? Imagine similar energy levels within your…

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What is Ransomware?

With the newer technologies and innovation, cyber threats are also becoming more advanced. Recently a lot of reports are certainly enlightening digital world about these attacks. So, what exactly is this new cyber threat called Ransomware? Technically speaking, it is nothing new with respect to…

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