Artisanal Sandwich Shop Enhances Information Environment with Cloud-Based Solution

Solution Overview:

Organization Size

400  employees

Software and Services

Microsoft Office 365

Vertical Industries

Food Service


United States

Business Need

Cloud & Server Platform



Company Overview:

An artisanal sandwich shop founded in 2003 with one store in New York City, ‘wichcraft has grown to 15 locations across the United States. To manage information for more than 400 employees across the country, ‘wichcraft maintained an on-premises server environment, but updates and configuration were time-consuming.

'WICHCRAFT case study

After evaluating many available cloud services, ‘wichcraft replaced its existing infrastructure with Microsoft Office 365. The IT team no longer has to maintain a server environment, and employees can use Microsoft Office Web Apps to collaborate on documents simultaneously. Senior managers can access their email and documents while visiting store locations, and the company can train employees remotely by using Microsoft Lync Online. As ‘wichcraft expands into new markets, it can maintain a consistent message with a single point of access to all company information.


Microsoft Case Study: ‘wichcraft

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