The Tea Room Co.


The Tea Room Co. is what is described as a lounge for tea lovers in the city of Gurgaon, Haryana, IN. Located just adjacent the NH8 in the popular Star Mall, the Tea Room Co. caters primarily to a niche clientele of tea lovers. They do serve coffee, but very reluctantly!



In a city that is filled with malls and restaurants, the competition is intense. Although The Tea Room Co. does outdo a lot of the competition by adopting a niche outlook, filling the seats is always a challenge. More so in a Mall filled with restaurants located among many corporate offices.



By going mobile, The Tea Room Co. were able to leverage the power of mobile internet and get their customers to engage with them through many real time engagement strategies, spearheaded by the use of intelligent QR Codes. By geo-targeting their clientele and their advertisement campaigns, The Tea Room
Co. could attract a lot of the crowds from nearby.


With smartphones easily the most accessible computing devices, as an entrepreneur, I believe that the next big revolution in the field of marketing
is going to happen on the mobile phone, the only device that is never switched off.


Mridu Gupta
The Tea Room Co.
CEO and Owner

The Tea Room Co. uses the following features to leverage the power of mobile internet:

  • Enable Mobile Reservations
  • Run Mobile Friendly Coupons
  • Display a Mobile Menu
  • Run campaigns for nearby corporates
  • Leverage the power of Social Media
  • Let customers act as promoters
  • More hits
  • More business
  • More calls
  • More reviews

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