The Talk Market

Company Overview:

The Talk Market is a new shopping channel lead by two seasoned television veterans Matt Singer and Amanda Eilian, whom together have sold over 500,000 products on QVC, the TV shopping channel. Additionally, they have produced television and music productions with celebrities such as George Clooney, James Earl Jones, Paul McCartney, Billy Joel, and Ray Charles.

THE TALK MARKET Case StudyTheir latest production, The Talk Market, brings a hosted shopping channel to the internet, in which small businesses and large retailers alike can promote their products via compelling product videos.

Anyone with a product—retailers, manufacturers, designers, artists or inventors—can use The Talk Market’s easy-to-use tools to entice potential buyers. For these product vendors, Talk Market provides broadcast-quality motion graphics and soundtracks through a patent-pending, user-generated TV shopping channel platform. For consumers, The Talk Market platform is an exciting way to shop—one click to watch videos and purchase advertised products.

Launched in 2008, The Talk Market selected Amazon Flexible Payments Service (Amazon FPS) to power their credit card processing pipeline. The Talk Market team was initially drawn to the ease and cost-effectiveness that Amazon FPS provided for their vendors but soon realized additional benefits. Amazon FPS allowed The Talk Market developers to integrate payment transaction controls directly into their vendor interface using FPS’s APIs. This integration simplified the user experience by allowing The Talk Market to move money between two different parties—the vendor and the vendor’s customer—seamlessly. The Talk Market was even able to take a fee for this transaction.

Now, when vendors sign up with The Talk Market, they are connected with a quick, free credit card payment processor using an Amazon Payments Business account. Vendors easily manage their customer orders, all payment activity, and refunds through a one-click interface developed by The Talk Market that relies on data extracted from Amazon FPS.

As explained by co-founder Matt Singer, “We want to offer our vendors the best quality TV production and e-commerce tools to help them reach new audiences and connect with their customers in deeper ways. With its time-tested credit card processing security, scalability, and ubiquity, Amazon FPS is a powerful product to handle the financial end of the process.”

Using Amazon FPS and Amazon Payments, The Talk Market doesn’t have to worry about processing payments or refunds, they can simply focus on their core competency—delivering a successful online shopping experience. To further their mission of empowering businesses with new sales channels that are flexible and cost-effective, The Talk Market producers provide one-on-one coaching and seminars across the country.


Amazon Case Study: The Talk Market

Date: 28-08-2013

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