BookMyForex- Small Mistakes, Huge Impact

When going abroad, we often look for simpler ways to buy foreign exchange. We don’t need last minute delays and panic, do we? BookMyForex, which is the first e-commerce platform to buy and sell foreign exchange can be awarded for thinking about the people often travelling to foreign counties. The teeny tiny mistake they made is that they gave a number which does not exist in their site’s footer. Bummer.

After booking my currency through BookMyForex, when I called them up in order to confirm my transaction, the number mentioned on the site’s footer did not exist. You all can imagine my anxiety after that.

Anyways, such small but nonetheless important things must be kept in check because people like me can get a panic attack.

BookMyForex, please fix this issue!

Have you ever experienced any such issue with other sites? Do let us know!

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Source : Foetron Inc.