Why Data Protection should be your Top Business Priority – Part II

As promised, here is the second part of the last week’s post.

In our last post also, we had quoted how Yahoo’s data was compromised, you can read more about recent data breaches and cyber attacks here as well as here.

We identified that the major causes for such cyberattacks on India and Indian businesses were as follows:

  1. They are inadequately equipped with technologies to deal with such advanced cyber threats. This may sound absolutely opposite to what was said earlier in the last post but, read further to understand the reason of the difference. As much as it is true on one hand that Indian Businesses are adequately investing in IT technologies for the growth of their respective organisations, on the other hand, they are not able to match the pace of technological advancements that cybercriminals have access to. Due to the access to such advanced technologies, cybercriminals target organizational databases, financial data and other installed software vulnerabilities against which company’s installed security systems are outdated thus insufficient.
  1. Their employees have lower awareness and understanding to prevent and resolve such cyberattacks in real-time. This is one of the most important reasons because cybercriminals, with their access to advanced technologies, wait for any small mistake made by unaware employees like opening unsafe websites while researching for some information on internet leading to unintentional keystroke tracking and what not.


The simplest solution is adopting Microsoft Cloud Technology which not only ensures the economy of scale for organisations but also, ensures that the latest updated technology is accessible for all the organisations which are on Microsoft Cloud.

The economy of scale will ensure that your IT budget is not wasted into technologies that you are not currently using but, as your business grows you can easily plan your IT budget for the latest technologies as per the needs of your business.

The access to latest technology will ensure that you are using only most recent technology not an outdated one. This simple measure will shield you from cyberattacks and malicious misuse of organizational data.

Microsoft Cloud Technology is truly the IT solution that grows with your business.