5 Benefits of Well-Connected Workplace


With festive season round the corner, suddenly, your social life must have become far more active. The shopping mania, the happy moments with friends and family must be rejuvenating you to work towards greater growth, is it not? Imagine similar energy levels within your organization, among your employees and overall company culture. Will it not have positive impact for your business growth? Surely it will have and Yammer gives you exactly that!

Yammer is a Social Networking tool for organizations. It has several benefits for the organization in terms of

  • Increased Productivity & Efficiency within organization
  • Engaged Employees
  • Lesser communication Gap with the Leadership
  • Enabling a culture of mutual respect
  • Building & Utilizing Knowledge Base within the organization like discovering Subject Matter Expert

These benefits have helped Team Foetron to build closer ties and learn from each other in the process.

We will be sharing details of each point in the upcoming weeks so, stay tuned!