3 Quick ways of making Outlook work more effectively for you

We all are Outlook dependent day in and day out. We all love the simplicity of communication while having the ability to mark high priority mails, flagging a communication for later tracking and what not that Microsoft Outlook helps us to do. Yet, I am sure many of you might not have explored or used its simple features which could have helped you to become more organized and productive.

Today, I will be sharing 3 quick tips which would help you to do more with Microsoft Outlook. Without any further ado, ‘delve’ deeper into the world of smart and practical knowledge.

  • Creating respective folders for team discussions, followed events or followed knowledge-building topics for easier access to information later on.
  • Creating suitable categories like tagging emails from your manager with green color category which, of course, can be renamed or set shortcut for.
  • Creating Tasks for the pending actions at your end which will give you quicker access to the things that you have to do. It will help you to keep your mind uncluttered without letting you forget anything important or trivial.

In case, you would want to know more about how to do these things, then, stay tuned to our next post on next Monday!

Stay happy, stay healthy and do more!