What is Ransomware?

With the newer technologies and innovation, cyber threats are also becoming more advanced. Recently a lot of reports are certainly enlightening digital world about these attacks.

So, what exactly is this new cyber threat called Ransomware? Technically speaking, it is nothing new with respect to the traditional world. Just like the rich guy’s kid is nabbed and then held hostage for money or other illegal activities, similarly, your screen is locked and you can access it only after you pay money to the cyber criminals.

However, the challenge is that once you pay the money or do the actions as demanded by cyber criminals, there is higher probability of being attacked again by ransomware or malware. Additionally, your data is at the pity of the cyber criminals which is a huge hole in the data security of your organisation’s important files and other IT assets.

There is no fool proof method to protect oneself except than to take certain measures because as they say it ‘prevention is better than cure’!

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